I am a Freelancer Designer and an Art Director and have been in the field of design for more than three decades. Over these 30+ years, I have gained lot of experience and have worked on numerous creative and versatile projects that required concept development, creative thinking, art direction, corporate branding, implementing branding strategies, co-op advertising in print and digital. The clients that I worked for were from various sectors such as from luxury products to agriculture and farming, from industrial engineering to travel and tourism industry.

As a freelance Designer and an Art Director, I have worked with multi-national brands like Swarovski, Koppert Canada, Investors Group, Government of Ontario, Alfa Laval, SKF Bearings, Kirloskar Group, Robertson Screw Compressors, Sanshi Collection, Suzzi Leather, Restaurants and many more.

Swarovski Canada was one of my major client. For more than 10 years, I was designing / developing all the creatives for their entire advertising and marketing activities - an average of 273 creatives per year!

Over these years, what I have learnt and that I also strongly believe is, advertising is not just about presenting or promoting your product. Were as, it is an opportunity to, define your vision of your products and also educate the audience. Entertain them through visuals and influence their emotional to take positive action. Compare, compel and develop their confidence and satisfaction that would recommend you as a brand.

Creativity is infinite, but it all depends upon the product. And finally, the most important criteria in design and development is, to find what you or your client really wants to achieve with the creative [and in $ value].

So, if you need any assistance or help in designing or developing any of your advertising and marketing activities such as in Print - posters, brochures, mailers, invitation cards, catalogues, packaging, gift bags, transit wrap, transit shelters display, hoardings, press and magazine ads or in Digital such as digital displays, mall digital graphics, social media ads, web banners, in-store multimedia presentation, e-mail newsletters, social media campaign and various other media in digital advertising, I can definitely help.

30 years in this design field is lot of work and lot of experience!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

art director
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