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My career in graphic design started years back when concept development was the main focus. Artworks were created using bromide prints, T-square and rubber cement. Illustrations were drawn by hand, photographs were mainly in black and white and text was type setting. But today the things have changed. The art board is the screen and the tools are the software.

In these 20+ years, I have seen lot of changes that have taken place. A change in concept, the method of designing, the media used, as well the change in viewing it. Today, this world is moving fast - from print to digital!

Being a Design Director and a Art Director, I have handled projects that required concept development, creative thinking, designing expertise, supervision, time management and even interaction with the clients. In this small portfolio, I have presented few of the projects that involve art direction, creative thinking, design expertise, multimedia development, web development and digital as a media. Hope you enjoyed it!

For last 10 years, I have been developing various advertising and marketing collaterals for international brand like the Swarovski®. The graphics that I have developed has been displayed over 500 corporate and retail stores across North America.

Working with an international brand like Swarovski required an in-depth knowledge of design, print, corporate branding and implementation of branding strategies.

Just for Swarovski, in 2015, I designed/developed graphics for 380 artworks; in 2014 for 435 artworks; in 2013 for 260 artworks. (Due to confidentiality issue I cannot mention you my most recent projects)

One of the projects that I would like to talk about is for the Sanshi Collection Exclusive Décor. The product was new and the client wanted to develop a brochure, few posters and a website for their exclusive décor.

The major hurdle in this project was the client did not have any photographs or the images of the actual product. Having an interest in photography, I suggested if I could handle their product photography. Based on the sketches, I took pictures of the product. Now every thing by my side, it was much easier to develop the final artworks.

When you are in the field of designing or advertising, people assume that you can handle any media. They forget there are speciallized people for every media. Well that was exactly my situation when I was designing tradeshow graphic for the Government of Ontario.

After few interactions regarding the tradeshow graphics, the client offered me to even develop their corporate video. As making a professional video was a new media, I took the challange of doing it all by myself. After developing the storyboard, with a good DV camcorder I started recording all the raw footage that I thought I needed. Narration and music was ready and I started editing the video clips. Transitions were added and very soon my first draft was ready for preview. Two more revisions, and the final video was ready.

This corporate video of 32:18 was played in continuous loop through out the show.

It’s truly said that if visual talks then you don’t need any copy. The project for SKF transit shelter campaign expresses the same! It was a campaign of visuals suggesting various use of bearing in our day-to-day life. Very effective and very powerful!

One more interesting project was for a financial adviser. Can you learn about financial planning during the lunchtime? Yes! Well this was the exact way of doing business of a financial adviser. He offers lunch and conducts a financial planning seminar during the lunchtime and he wanted me to develop a brochure that would express his this way of doing business. The cover that I designed expressed all about it.

Another project is of Suzzi Leather. This project was more of a fun than the cost! When designing any project the main hurdle that designer's experience is having insufficient images of the product. So when I took this project I was even asked to handle their product photography. Photo shooting of leather products with different lighting arrangements, different settings and exposures was lot of fun. When the final photographs were presented to the client even they couldn't believe how beautiful their products were!

Ideas come just like that! And the same thing happened with this client. After reviewing their product, the beach slippers, I realizing the beauty and the lightness of it. I made this lightness as its selling point and came out with the concept as; these slippers are so light, colourful and comfortable that even the "Ants could like to stealing it!"

After being in this field of designing for more than 20 years, people often ask if I have done any packaging design. Well I have done lot of packaging designs using standard die cut sizes, but it is not what I really enjoy. I enjoy developing packaging designs where there is a full freedom of creativity as well understanding the limitations of packaging. Like the give away Tote bag for Swarovski's "Designers Zoo Gala Event", or exclusive Gift Bags among the Holiday Season collaterals, or an Acrylic Box for "Event in a Box" promotion or the product container – a Wooden Box for exclusive décor from Sanshi Collection.

Designing or developing packaging depends upon what is needed and how is it to be developed. As a Designer, I would say if packaging is a part of the entire marketing collaterals then I love it and have developed quite a few packagings. These packaging were a part of the entire promotion with a theme and consistancy in visual!

"While the boundaries within the possibilities of design are changing day-by-day, the creators are becoming more responsible for the message hidden in every piece of their artwork. The discipline of graphic design will continue to evolve through technology and aesthetic advances, adapting to meet the need of the market in an increasingly trend conscious world as people are looking for excellence!"

People often see a glass just from either outside or from inside. But as designer, I stretch the thickness of the glass to the maximum bandwidth, and then visualize the experience of viewing it from the centre all the sides.

“What is thought to be the edge is only the beginning!”.